WYU Holds the Commencement for the Graduating Undergraduates of 2018

Published date: 2018-07-23
Author: 主站英文管理员

The commencement was held at the stadiumin June 13. More than 3,700 people attended the ceremony, including WYUleaders like Xiao Zheng, Wu Chengzhen, Yao Jinsheng, Yang Sheng, heads of the departments and divisions, leaders of the party and administration of the schools and colleges, teacher representatives, counselors and all the students of the graduating class of 2018, some of the students’parents and some faculty members. Deputy Secretary of WYU Party CommitteeYao Jinsheng presided over the ceremony.

In his passionate speech made at the ceremony, WYU President Wu Chengzhenshared his three expectations with all the graduating undergraduates of 2018. First,all the members of the graduating class of 2018 should keep Chinese spirit in mind, be grateful and make our society more harmonious, more beautiful and more loving with a little bit of good deeds. Second, they should to be moral to live a fulfilling life. In future, they should be both ambitious and practical. They should make progress bit by bit, take small things seriously, regard setbacks as opportunities, work hard and persevere to create a colorful life. Third,all the members of the graduating class of 2018 should aim highto make our country more powerful. They should shoulder the historical responsibility of winning glory for China and benefiting the people, make great achievements with their youth and innovation and realize their great dreams on the vast land of our motherland..

At the ceremony, WYU Vice President Yao Jinsheng read out the announcements of ““WYU Awarding graduating undergraduates of 2018 Outstanding Graduates”, “The namelist of National scholarship winners and “WYU Awarding graduating undergraduates of 2018 being admitted to master degree candidate, etc.

At the commencement, WYU school leaders Wu Chengzhen turned the tassels for all the graduates, and took photos with them.