Students of Overseas Education College had their language practice week of “Perception of China” and ended in satisfaction and success

Published date: 2019-10-28
Author: 主站英文管理员

October 21-25 is the Perception of China language practice week for international students in Overseas Education College, teachers from overseas education college led their students to participate in the Art Festival in Jukou Township, Yanping District,visited Wuyishan Museum, watched a performance of Southern Opera with local characteristics and also went to one of Wuyishan tea company to experience the tea-making process.


On Monday, 65 international students from Wuyi University came to Jukou Township, Yanping District, the international students have learned tie dye art, and participated in the creation of works of art inherited in traditional villages, and held the unveiling ceremony of the Research Base of Overseas Education College of Wuyi University in Jiulong village, Jukou Township on the October 22nd. Chen Jinrui, member of the UCPC Committee and vice president of the University, also made a special trip to visit the overseas students in Jukou Township and inaugurate the research base.


On the 23rd, the international Students came to the Wuyishan Museum, they drew many visitors attention and held out their prepared Chinese lecture notes and introduced the exhibits in the museum. In front of the museum, a display board map shows those countries related to the information of Ten Thousand Tea Trade, the students were excited to find their own country on the board and were happy to discover that “their countries having a long history of tea trade and culture with China”. Besides, overseas students also experienced “new year rubbing”( in other words, to copy words or pictures on a stone tablet or implement), movable-type printing, hand-made pottery and other activities let the international students  experiences from language learning to cultural practice, a unique learning experience of cultural characteristics in Northern Fujian.


On the evening of the 23rd, the intangible cultural heritage Southern Opera entered Wuyi University for the first time. The actors of the Southern Opera Art Inheritance and Development Center brought a special performance of Song of Zhuzi with Zhuzi culture as the theme to the students of Wuyi University. The singing with local characteristics, beautiful rhyme and professional performance of actors not only impress Chinese students, but also capture the hearts of a number of the international students. In the early morning of the next day, the international students turned into fans to put on Water Sleeve show, or knock on the drum, or pick up the shaker and etc. It’s a great satisfactory experience of the chance to learn Southern Opera’s performance techniques under the guidance of national intangible cultural heritage of Southern Opera’s successor.


On the afternoon of the 24th, the international students visited a tea company. Starting from tea picking, they experienced the process of tea-making, such as shaking, stir frying, baking, etc, the whole procedure of tea-making. Every process makes the students exclaim that it is a long and  hard work before having a cup of tea to enjoy. The staff of tea demonstration room showed the students the steps of making tea, learn the etiquette of drinking tea and understand the tea culture.

On the 25th, it was the last day of the perception of China language practice week for the international students. On this day, the students came to the Report Hall of the library to summarize the five-day’s language practice. They chose various forms of reporting, including  Vlog, PPT and beautiful hand-painted pages. The whole report hall was full of laughter and laughter, although some of the international students cannot speak so fluently, however, every student was doing their best to make the report. After careful selection by the teachers, eventually awarded 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 6 third prizes. Mrs. Luo, Vice-dean of Overseas Education College , made a wonderful comment on the report of the foreign students and a brief summary of the practice week. The perception of China language practice week for the international students of Overseas Education College in Wuyi University ended in satisfaction and success.