International students appreciate and experience the Activities of "Cliff Carving and Rubbing"

Published date: 2019-11-15
Author: 主站英文管理员

On the afternoon of November 14, the library invited Mr. Wu Baoyun, the Wuyishan stone engraver, to carry out the activity of appreciation and rubbing experience of cliff stone carving in Yifu Forum. More than 100 teachers and students from Overseas Education College participated in the activities.

   In the appreciation and rubbing experience of this cliff carving, Mr. Wu Baoyun firstly led the students to appreciate the cliff carving of Wuyi Mountain. The cliff carvings of Wuyi Mountain are widely distributed on both sides of Jiuqu River and the cliffs in the north of the mountains. They are like a blue ribbon across the mountains and a cultural corridor shuttling through the historical time and space. Wuyishan cliff stone carving is the living fossil of Wuyishan culture and the core content of Wuyishan World Culture and Natural Heritage. Then Mr. Wu Baoyun introduced the rubbings of the cliff carving to the studentsand led them to experience the rubbings processes on the spot.  

At the end of the activities, the international students were still full of interestsand showed their sincere feeling that they had a perfect rubbing experience and a better understanding of the Chinese cultural connotationthrough the close contact among the words, ink and rice paper. At the same time, hopefully, more Chinese traditional culture experiencing activities will be held for the international students.