Greetings from the President

Dear Friends and Visitors,

Welcome to our website and thank you for your visiting!

Wuyi University (WYU) is a public university approved by the Ministry of Education of the People's republic of China and located in the "World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site"– Mountain Wuyi. The wonderful natural environment and the rich cultural relics have made Wuyishan a world famous tourism city, which also enjoys very convenient transportation.

We are proud of our picturesque ecological campus which covers an area of 200 acres. The well-planned campus includes some green hills and three lakes with many egrets staying there. The university also has well-established facilities for living, study, and research, and thus is a perfect place for living, learning and working.

Built in the Mixed Heritage Sites, our school endeavors in teaching and studies in the disciplines of tea science, ecology and environment protection, culture creativity, tourism and World Heritage study, which attract many experts and scholars to visit and cooperate with us on research.

We have cooperation with universities in America, Britain, Russia, Germany, Canada, Holland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Czech, Singapore, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. "Friendship Trees", planted by the foreign experts and visitors, are now growing well and is one of the most beautiful sights in our campus.

Taking advantages from being the most beautiful site in the southeast China and following the culture tradition of Neo-Confucianism, we have made considerable progress in the development of teaching and research. We keep working hard to build our school as a successful modern university guided by our school motto: nurture for the morality and pursuit for the knowledge, inherit the heritages and open up a better future.I am full of the confidence that our school will have a bright future. Warmly welcome to our university to learn, to observe, to study and to cooperate.

                                                                                      President of Wuyi University

                                         Wu Chengzhen