School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering specializes in electronic discipline and manufacturing discipline. It owns rich teaching power: 50 full-time teaching staff including 4 professors and 13 associate professors, the rate of higher academic title is 45%. We have five major specialties: Electronic and Information EngineeringElectrical Engineering & Automation TechnologyMechanical Design and its AutomationMicroelectronics Science and Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering. Currently, we enroll over 1290 students, emphasize on specialty construction and own fine operating conditions.

     The build-up area of the integrated laboratories building is more than 9200 square meters, the whole property of the instruments is more than 14.6 million RMB Yuan. It includes two primary parts:1 Fujian Province Electrics and Electronics Experimental Teaching Demonstrative Center. Over 300 experiments can be conducted. Elementary Physics Laboratory, Electrical Basis Laboratory, DSP and Embedded System Laboratory, Laboratory of Principle of Sensing Device, Laboratory of High Frequency Circuit, PLC/EDA Laboratory and Electronic Technique Training Room are set up. 2 Mechanical Working Training Center. Over 80 experiments and training projects can be conducted. Such as, Metal Processing, Numerical Control Machining, Mechanical Design and Innovation. It owns Metal Processing Work Shop, Laboratory of Numerical Control Technique and NC machine tools, Laboratory of Mechanical Basis and Design, Laboratory of Mechanotronics, Laboratory of Mechanism Kinematics Schemes, Laboratory of Hydraulic Power-transmission and Modern Machining Technology. Besides, ten students' exercitation bases were set up, such as: Fujian Juan Kuang Yaming Electric Limited, Fujian Chuang Si Fang Electric Limited, Nanping Electrical Machinery Factory, etc.

     We put more weight on the cultivation of student's innovative ability, as many national and provincial awards in College Student's Electronic Design Competitions are achieved.