Taiwan professor set up a lecture on the Millennium encounter between tea and go in Wuyi University

Published date: 2019-11-18
Author: 主站英文管理员

On the evening of November 17, 2019, with the introduction of Wuyishan culture and Tourism Bureau, Mr. Zhang zhaofen, a distinguished guest and professor from Taiwan, was invited to give a lecture on the Millennium encounter between tea and go to the students in the academic report hall of the science and technology building of the University. Starting with poems, the lecture introduces the stories, connections and legends of Go and Wuyi Rock-tea.

Mr. Zhang zhaofen, graduated from a famous university in Taiwan, and hold a doctor's degree in the United States, who is now honored as chairman of Yude Technology Co., Ltd. He is also a visiting professor of many universities in mainland China, including Guangdong University of foreign studies, Anhui University, Capital University of economics and trade, etc.

The lecture was presided over by Lu Mingtian, director of the overseas Chinese office of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. Zhang Liang, director general of Wuyishan culture and tourism, more than 20 guests from Taiwan, more than 100 students from the successful college of Taiwan Strait, the school of mathematics and statistics and the school of mechanical and electrical engineering attended the symposium.