School of Business

Business school enrolls International Economy and Trade, Practical Japanese and Logistics Management (specialized in International Freight Forwarders) 2 different majors in 2014 International Economy and Trade and Logistics Management. Now, the full time enrollment is 1752.

     School of Business has 36 instructors. Besides, 8 instructors have experiences in learning or working in the foreign countries and it enjoys the policy to employ 8 native language professionals each year. Now the title structure, education level, age distribution and academic affiliation of the teachers are quite balanced and reasonable. With a high level of teaching skills, all the teachers are deeply respected and welcomed among the students not only for their dedication to education and strict with the students and themselves, but also because of their good example for the students.

    Based on the teaching philosophy of "aim to develop the students' abilities", the School of Business never ends its teaching innovation and cultivates the students' abilities in: mastering solid language skills and business knowledge, using the language skills adeptly, shouldering practical work and be creative in the line of international trade and logistics management and helps them demonstrate their abilities in translation, economy and trade, logistics management and teaching in middle schools and primary schools in the field of education, economy and trade, logistics, finance and tourism.

    In School of Business, much attention is paid to combine teaching and researching. Up to now, our teachers have undertaken more than 40 research programs of provincial level or higher, have published nearly 30 textbooks or translated original works and have published more than 400 articles in national or provincial academic journals in the field of logistics, international trade, linguistics, translation and intercultural communication.

    School of business has full advanced teaching facilities, which include Digital Multi-functional Integrated Language Skills Training Lab, Digital Language Lab, Interpreting Lab, Economy and Trade Teaching Lab, Business Simulation Practice Center and Language Teaching Broadcasting Station. It has more than 10 teaching practice sites in Guangdong, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Xiamen and so on. Besides, our students have rich learning resources. Now the library of our University has over 300,000 books of foreign languages, business and trade, and over 20,000 English digital books. Meanwhile, there are more than 20,000 books specified for our majors in the School's Reference Room. The students in this school can take part in many exams and certifications with the pass rate up to or above the national average level, such as CET 4, CET 6, TEM 4, Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Level 1, Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Level 2, BEC, L/C Operator Qualification Certificate, Customs clearance Clerk Qualification Certificate, Commercial Documents Clerk Qualification Certificate, International Tour Guide Qualification Certificate, etc.