School of Cartoons and Animations

We are the national first full-time public Animation and Comic College accredited by Fujian Provincial Department of Education (official document No. [2009] 59), it was officially funded in 2009 and covers an area of 200 mu two different major in Radio and Television Directing major and Animation major. There are 1550 registered students. In order to accommodate the growth of industry of ideas in Fujian Province, the school is a base to cultivate high quality talents in the field of animation and comic.

    Wuyi Animation and Comic College is listed in the provincial program of animation and comic talents cultivation. For the sake of setting up the integration of production, education and research training mode of animation and comic talents and ETO intellectual fostering mechanism, Wuyi University cooperate with Guangdong XinGuang Talent Communication and Service Co.Ltd. and adopt the approach of combing occupation qualifications training with academic education. Guangdong XinGuang Talent Communication and Service Co.Ltd. is the market leader in the line of animation and comic training in Guangdong province. XinGuang animation and comic education center will bring in more great trainers from home and abroad so as to bring into good use of the regional advantage in Pearl River Delta Region and cultivate high level creative talents for the development of the west side of Taiwan Strait and Pearl River Delta Region. We formulate talents training outline, form teaching staff, construct practice base and research & develop base together with enterprise.

    During the past ten years, animation and comic industry has already become an important component in creative industry in many countries and appears to be a new economic growth point. The pace of cultivating animation and comic talents in our country lags badly behind the market needs. As the information and network technology develops deeply, especially the popular use of 3G telecommunication, job prospects in the field of network interactive entertainment, and commercial production are bright, like online games (program development specialty), flash design and advertising communication and so on. It is a refreshing approach leading to satisfactory career development to choose majors linked with animation and comic.