After over 50 years of construction and collection, the collection of books has grown to 1.23 million volumes, 1.7 thousand different kinds of newspapers and periodicals; 845 thousand of electronic books,30 million electronic periodicals ,over 2 thousand set of online-studying videos and more than 13.8 thousand of multimedia. Featured with Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, Tea Science, tourism management and Art Theory ,the library has now formed an abundant collection system, which contains engineering, science, agriculture,economics,management science,literature,education and other branch of learning subjects.With 50 kinds of 24-hours-accessble database, involving Chinese and foreign language journals , newspapers, electronic books and online video materials.  Library has 30 library employees, including 12 with master degree,and 21 staff who are holding senior positional title and above.

      The library is consists of acquisition and cataloging department,circulation deparment,technology and training department,information services department and general office. To provide information resources service for all our teachers and students and the economic construction for the north of Fujian Province, all library service has gained a digital and network based management capability, and it has become a regional center of document information content.

      The library has been built into a center of learning, information exchange,achievements exhibition ,cultural leisure. Among them, Qixian building is mainly for self-learning and school achievement exhibition area,and has a collection of original foreign books,Chinese books(basic stacks),periodicals,newspapers,etc. Yifu building has 5 Chinese circulation stacks,1 feature stock room and up-to-date periodicals, newspapers and electronic multimedia reading area. suited with the function and characteristics of each floor, the Yifu building is set of different reading and learning area,and free communication space in each layer of the building. The school library has rich literature resources and excellent learning environment and high-quality service, is becoming a popular place for teaching and scientific research and for all readers to  earn and to study. The library is also award-winning, it has won the remarkable woman staff of Nanping city and the title of advanced home for staff workers from the Fujian Provincial Federation of trade unions.