School of Humanity & Teacher Education

Originating from the former Humanity and Education Science Department in May, 2010, the Humanity and Teacher Education College is based on the humanity science and focuses on literature and education science. The College of Humanity grows out of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, while the Department of Education Science originates from the General Education Department and the Basic Education Department.

    As one of the first departments that upgrade to undergraduate departments, the Humanity and Teacher Education College has a long history with great reputation and distinctive features. The college has Applied Arts and Teacher Education as its majors, the culture and literature of Wuyi Mountain, cultural and physical education as its features, and training practical talents, pre-school teachers, elementary and secondary school teachers as its goal. 

    Among the 110 full-time teachers in the college are 39 professors and teachers with Senior Title and 73%with Master's degree. The teachers have obtained great achievements in teaching, academic research and cultivation. They have written, edited and published 60 treatises and teaching materials, hosted and taken parts in more than 40 research projects, and published over 600 papers in a variety of journals. All this has built a good teaching, researching and academic atmosphere. The research is especially fruitful in the literary studies of Wuyi Mountain, literary studies of Taiwan, studies of A Dream of Red Mansion and Journey to the West. Three teachers won the Zeng Xianzi Education Fund Prize, one was granted with the Special Allowance from the State Council, and one was selected the New Century Excellent Talent of new undergraduate universities of Fujian province. Many teachers won the scientific research contribution awards, teaching contribution awards and outstanding young teacher titles of Wuyi University. The course of Communication is named the provincial quality course, the Writing is the excellent course of Fujian province, and the Modern and Contemporary Literature is a school quality course.

    The college has four staff rooms: Chinese Language Literature, Elementary Education and Music Education; two school-level research institutes: the Institute of Wuyi Literature Study and the Minbei Institute of Basic Education; and three undergraduate majors: 
The Chinese Literature (including Teacher Education, Chinese for Foreigners, Secretary and so on)English major and Elementary Education. Among them the Chinese Literature is one of the six majors that upgrade from junior college subjects to university subjects. Besides the undergraduate subjects there are five junior college majors: Secretary and Office Automation, News Interview and Production, Elementary Education (including Chinese, English, Sociology, Math and Science), Pre-school Education and Arts of Performing.