School of Tourism

The Tourism College of Wuyi University has a young and innovative team. School of Tourism has three undergraduate programs; Tourism ManagementHotel Management and Management of Cultural Industry. The undergraduate program of Tourism Management in the college is a key subject in Fujian province and a featured subject of the Fujian Innovative & Experimental Base for Training Practical Talents and Wuyi University. Several Teaching Quality Projects such as the Fujian Master Teachers, the Fujian Teaching Team of Hotel Management, the Quality Course of Provincial Tourism Planning, the University Teaching Team, the University Quality Course, and the University key Course are in progress in the college. The goal is to cultivate practical talents that are developed in Morality, Intelligence, Physique, and Art, with professional knowledge in tourism management, and able to work in the operation and management positions of tourism administration departments and tourism enterprises.

    The Tourism College has a strong and well-structured team. Among the 26 full-time teachers are 6 professors, 5 associate professors, 15 lecturers. In addition, 24 visiting professors, 4 visiting associate professors and several consultants from the tourism zone, hotels and travel agencies are employed to consolidate the linkage between teaching and the tourism industry.

    The Tourism College takes great effort in the construction of Researching and Teaching Practice base. The college has established the Tourism Culture Research Institute, and provides professional support for the construction of university tourism practice base in Fujian Province. In recent years, the college has undertaken 15 social researching subjects, published 8 professional treatises, and delivered more than 180 academic theses. Owning teaching facilities such as Tourism Planning Classroom, Tour Guide Simulation Classroom, Exhibition and Tourism Planning Classroom, Hotel Bedroom Simulation classroom, Reception and Bar Simulation Classroom, the college is a National Identification Station of Occupational Skills, Training and Identification Center of Tourism Occupational Qualification, and Tourism Teaching and Practice Base. With the advantage of being located in the Wuyi Tourism Zone, the college has established profound relationship with tourism enterprises and tourism administration department. 

    Teaching and practice bases are built up outside the campus. At the same time, cooperation with other universities including Shandong University, Shenzhen Tourism College of Jinan University, Xiamen University, Fujian Normal University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Minjiang College, Zhangzhou Normal College, Quanzhou Normal College is also developed. Graduates from the college have good competency and practical abilities. 95% of the graduates find their jobs after graduation, and are highly praised by the employers.

    The Wuyi Mountain is a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site, at the same times a National Scenic Site and a National Holiday Resort. Traditional culture, beautiful environment, good facilities, high-standard practice base and the booming tourism industry, all these have made the Tourism College an ideal place for people who are interested in and want to develop in the tourism industry.