How To Apply

Application Process:

  • Registration: Please log in directly to Wuyi University Overseas Education College website for registration, or may be  contact with the teacher, to obtain related registration form.
  • Having the application materials and its qualification checking: after receiving the application form, we will review your application for admission qualification, and as soon as possible through email or by telephonewill be informed  the  results. If you do not  get reply after a week, please contact us.
  •  Sending acceptance materials: qualification after the completion of the examining materials, in general, from the results of the qualification to the   day to receive the admission notice and JW202  can be about 30-45 days time.
  • Visa application: Student with passport, photos, physical examination, admission notice and JW202   need to apply to China embassies and consulates for visa; general recommendations for student visa (X visa, within 30 days of entry must be replaced for the residence permit).
  •  Registration: Please bring your passport, admission notice, JW202 form, the health examination report , the highest degree certificate, be presented in accordance with the provisions of the overseas education college admission notice of Wuyi university. In order to avoid the trouble of visa expired, please be sure to report to the college as soon as possible.
  • Payment: tuition fees and accommodation fees to pay.

Application materials:

  •  Provide the Wuyi University application form for foreign students
  •  Provide the physical examination repoprt
  •  Provide the highest degree certificate copy or proof
  •  Provide the copy of the passport
  •  Study plan (400 words or more)
  •  letter of recommendation (at least one)
  •  The transfer agreement (if changing university within China)


  •  If you apply after the deadline, please contact the admissions  related teacher,  also be agreed to submit relevant materials.
  •  If you apply at the beginning or late of the semester, with the consent of our hospital after examination, your application can be approved.
  •  if you apply for undergraduate study, it need to be issued by the HSK4 certificate, or need to join our school to learn the language, through the HSK4 level after entering the Major learning. There are 41 undergraduate majors in our school, please consult the admissions teacher for specific information.

Other Problems:

  • Receiving station: please provide name, date, time, flight or train by Email or other means to us, we will arrange the volunteer  to stationo the airport(manage a taxi fare to 20 yuan) also can take the 7 bus to Wuyishan station, or bus 6 ,  bus 9 to school crossing station and walk 100 meters to the gate.  from the high-speed rail station of Wuyishan city  take a taxi( fare to 25 yuan) also can take bus 7 ,  bus 8 from Wuyishan railway station.
  •  Classes: each semester according to different degree of language proficiency  students will be placed in different level classes, from zero starting point to the senior class, it will be  decideded through the placement test   , each class has different curriculum. About 18-24 hours per week.
  •  Transfer students: Completed with Chinese proficiency test,those can directly involve in major study.